Faculty: Jay Thakkar

TA: Kamna Vyas

Fictional Spaces

Our thoughts are fueled by imagination and stories, while our experiences shape our lives. In this studio, we explored and draw the surreal world of redefined self identity, understand graphic and art styles, and decode futuristic tales to tap into the facet of imagination. We also analyzed films of various genres to emerge with a fictional world of stories that inspire us. By exposing ourselves to varied creative fields like theatre, films, production design, animation, graphic design, and set design through discussion and interactive sessions with experts from across the globe and field visits to the celluloid world of Mumbai, the students were opened up to the world of scenic design. We aimed to create a world of imaginary spaces by combining the Global Fictional cinematic world with history and popular Indian Cinema. To do this, we represented the selected fictional film through narrative style drawings and scenes. The output of this studio resulted in elaborate storyboards, illustrations, and conceptual art that brought our imaginative world to life.

Studio Unit