Faculty: Ankita Trivedi | Ishita Jain

TA: Advait Patel

Museum of Obsole-Scenes

What if visitors could contribute their own stories and artifacts to a museum, thereby creating a dynamic exhibit shaped by the community? Can museums host pop-up exhibits in unconventional spaces like cafes, shops, vehicles? Can a museum be a place for mental health awareness' Can museums collaborate with local businesses to showcase and support regional artisans and craftsmen?

Questions like these drove the studio process to question the role a museum plays in society. Using Orhan Pamuk?s provocation to think of modest museums rather than large scale, epic and monumental museums, the studio dived into micro-museology as a discipline recently being developed by Fiona Candlin through her analysis of small independent museums.

This process culminated into a narrative drawing which incorporated conceptual clarity, sequence, visitor experience, display strategies and atmospherics through the standard spatial representation toolkit. From this world-image, students crafted further micro-provocations about obsolescence in the form of installations, mobile environments & pop-ups.

The studio ended up with the following reflections: What makes monumental museums obsolete in the face of contemporary polycrisis? How can the museum as a spatial typology morph and transform so that its collection has the agency to spore new worlds/futures? How can narrative environments fuel the imagination of visitor engagement in these museums of the future(s)?

Studio Unit

An overview of the studio process

Questioning the idea, concept and agency of a MUSEUM

Museum sequences detailed out through sectional perspectives

Decoding relationships of obsolescence within contexts and conditions through diagrams

Micro Museums narrating their idea of obsolescence