Faculty: Gaurang Shah

TA: Dhavlesh Suthar

Nature & Form

The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or ?essential qualities or innate disposition?.

?Nature in the broadest sense is equivalent to the natural world, the physical universe, material world or the material universe, ?nature? refers to the phenomena of the physical world and life in general? according to Wikipedia.

Nature is all around us and deep within us. Design is implicit in nature at even its most basic and simplest forms.

Nature provides us with vast design information and inspirations. Almost all the humanmade innovations have been based on the observations, study, and insights gained for nature?s functioning. Various nature forms would reveal to us the very basis of the design. This would ? Purpose ? Structure ? Growth ? Geometry ? Transitions ? relationships between parts ? Proportions ? Colour ? Texture
Even the surface could play a vital role in the survival of a biological entity by serving: ? Camouflage ? Disguise ? Warning ? Attracting ? Mimicry ? Dazzle ? Pure ?beauty.?

Nature also profoundly illustrates the unique interdependence and interrelationships of various elements of the forms within a holistic development approach. Natural forms provide us with an invaluable reference to make decisions in developing humanmade forms.

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