Faculty: Smith Macwan | Sadasivan Iyer

TA: Kamakshi Jadav

New Product Development in Sustainable Practice

Our daily lives are made more comfortable by the ongoing need for product involvement. There are new opportunities for innovation that can blossom for the benefit of mankind as a result of the development of new approaches and technologies. Companies frequently sacrifice quality and materials in order to appeal to a mass, which results in behaviours that are highly hazardous in the long run. It is the designer?s job to bridge the gap between human requirements and available resources. The course?s main emphasis is on developing new products using sustainable methods in connection with human centered design. The course?s goal is to create innovative new products that are environmentally responsible and work to balance the economy, society, and environment.

The primary emphasis of the course was on developing a design strategy from problem identification to final product manufacture. The course followed a pre-established plan that calls for empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of the product/innovation.

The main takeaway of the course was that it made students future ready by encouraging them to explore their design sensibilities in a more ecological and sustainable way by making it a by default practice.

Studio Unit

Introduction to Sustainability in reference to Industrial Design.

Introductory material learning exercises, domain selection, mind maps and ethnographic research.

Ideation and Conceptualization, renders and prototype. Technical drawings and details.