Faculty: Mann Singh

TA: Adarsh Roodkee

Practice makes perfect?

What do yoga, woodworking, entertaining friends over a meal have in common. To the casual glance they appear quite disparate, connected only by virtue of human participation. A more deliberate look is revealing. They all involve codified behaviours, patterns, oftentimes the use of specialised objects and their own peculiar environments and settings. They are threaded through with narratives and meaning. Networks of practices both as nouns and verbs make up our lives Designing around practices both existing and speculated with them, for them and sometimes in opposition, provides an opportunity to develop critical methods and abilities used in design. Participants working in teams traversed the distance from identifying and studying practices to testing and developing ideas into designs. The outcome of the studio was thst the students used methodologies which allowed them to arrive at successful design outcomes in a context. Designs which had a higher probability of an effective outcome while avoiding negative, unanticipated and unintended consequences.

Studio Unit