Faculty: Parthavi Patel

TA: Hemin Pansera

The Concept of Space Planning in Genre of Residences: The Senses and the Symbols of a Design

Space planning is a highly integrated aspect of designing in architecture and interior design. It is in fact one of the formative elements that forms the user experience on a very basic and subconscious level.

The studio explored the understanding, sensitivity and depth it takes to plan spaces in the genre of residences.

The students interacted with a live and ongoing site and the related clients. After acquiring all their requirements, they focused on creating design concepts and then the space planning for the same in the most efficient and effective manner.

In order to enhance the level of engagement and difficulty, participants were assigned a term pertaining to the concept of ?senses?. The term in question represented the metaphor that necessitated translation within the given activity.

Studio Unit

The studio focuses on space planning with an approach of understanding an artist and representing their ideologies as a concept to the practicality and functionality of space.

Our studio begins with foundational studies and exercises aimed at understanding anthropometry and the ideation of space planning. We delve into the intricacies of human dimensions and behaviors, crafting a comprehensive understanding of how spaces are inhabited and interacted with. Building upon this knowledge.

Then assigned specific artists as metaphors for each project. The aim was to transcend mere functionality, transforming spaces into dynamic expressions of identity and purpose.we bridge the gap between abstract concepts and tangible realities, ensuring that every design reflects the essence of both the artist and the inhabitant.

The discussions entail site visits to various stores for market surveys, alongside gathering inputs from jurors and mentors.