Faculty: Madhu Bharti

Challenges for Housing Redevelopment: An Utopia for urban India

As population, spatial spread and densities in Indian cities are growing,the cities are waking up to use the land available in existing dilapidated housing societies and low land utilization areas and push for re-development in such areas. These lands are often in the central city having high land values. The process of redevelopment also proposes to revitalize the physical, economic and social fabric of urban areas. The central, state and local governments recognize the need for such redevelopment and provide the enabling environment. The residents, being the main stakeholders, are also interested in redevelopment but the pace of redevelopment in cities is very slow. This research proposes to study the process and challenges for redevelopment in 2-3 Indian cities and identify the interventions needed to make the redevelopment a win-win proposal for all the stakeholders.

Student DRP