Faculty: Ravi Sannabhadti

Feasibility study of creating new rental housing stock in organically developed and informal settlements of Vatva, Ramol and Shahwadi

Seasonal and cyclical migrants in Indian cities primarily rely on rental housing in organically developed urban village settlements (i.e., Gamtals) or Informal settlements for their residential needs during their stay in the city. The rental needs of different types of migrants vary depending on the type of migrant (age, type of family, occupation type, etc). Also, existing housing stock in such settlements is limited, and rental housing demand is relatively high. Despite this, it is observed that some of the housing units remain partially or entirely vacant. So, rental housing supply and its cost in such settlements must be understood along with the characteristics of rental demand of the different types of migrants in these areas. The study is intended to be taken up in Vatva, Ramol and Shahwadi areas of the city, which have a diverse set of both informal and organically developed settlements and also attract incoming migrants. Feasibility assessment of unlocking the existing vacant stock and developing new rental housing stock through incremental housing will be undertaken, using the understanding developed from the rental housing market study in these areas.