Faculty: Madhu Bharti

Industrial development nodes, challenges and opportunities

Gujarat is one of the leading states in Industrial development and a large proportion of the SGDP comes from industries. The industrial products range from chemicals and pharmaceuticals, textile & engineering, Dimond polishing and oil & gas and others. Given the geographical location and access to the international market, industry & business friendly environment Gujarat becomes an ideal location for industries. Now under the DMIC development industrial development in Gujarat has received a boost. The state government of UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP are developing Special Investment Regions, Integrated Industrial Townships Also Private industrial parks are coming up near to some cities.
In Ahmedabad district alone there are 12 main Industrial estates, 12 SEZ and 10 Industrial Parks and some more in pipeline. The state of Gujarat has always been at the forefront of industrial development and the state government has been proactive and known to be encouraging industrial development with industry development policies. The boost which the industries get also has a cascading effect on other real-estate products too.

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