Faculty: Jay Bhanushali

Unlocking brown-field redevelopment in Indian Cities

Urban Planning in India has conventionally focused on ‘greenfield peripheral planning’. investigate what is the state of redevelopment practices, gaps and barriers faced by them and the policy framework is required to encourage such strategies.
In 2013, Ahmedabad sanctioned its Draft Development Plan - 2021; with Transit Oriented Zone (TOZ) focusing on urban regenerative strategies by promoting development along its transit infrastructure in already existing brown-field areas. It has been 10 years since the TOZ was proposed and now when Ahmedabad is already planning its next development plan exercise, this is the right time to assess how the provisions of the same have manifested on the ground in the transit zones in Ahmedabad.
Research focus would be to understand the redevelopment dynamics from policy level, real estate market forces, built environment, gaps in the existing process and propose a recommendation on redevelopment policy for Ahmedabad.

Student DRP