Charvi Sawai



The case study of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, showcases the Jaga Mission's innovative approach to urban development, emphasizing community engagement and empowerment. The formation of Slum Dwellers Associations at the ward level signifies a concerted effort to improve quality of life within Urban Local Bodies. However, traditional community participation methods often prove ineffective. Therefore, the research advocates for Tactical Placemaking—a participatory approach that involves residents in shaping urban spaces. By fostering collaboration between residents and authorities, Tactical Placemaking can address the challenges posed by informal settlements, ultimately contributing to more sustainable and well-managed urban development.

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Report Content

Research Question and Objectives

Placemaking in Bhubaneshwar

Policies and programs that led to placemaking in informal settlements

Site Introduction: Tapovan School Basti

Site Introduction: Esaneswar

Tactical approach by the people that was enhanced by government schemes and programs

Placemaking on site

People participation in the placemaking process


Recommended SOP for tactical placemaking in informal settlements through a participatory approach