Karan Nayan Patel


Community oasis at jaspur

The proposal for a recreational zone in Jaspur, Ahmedabad, is a response to the community's pressing need for leisure and sports facilities, particularly in anticipation of the forthcoming EWS housing and in consideration of the proximity of schools. Despite neighboring societies offering amenities, accessibility to recreational facilities remains limited. The innovative design integrates follies, vertical social spaces with diverse functions, while also prioritizing the inclusion of sports facilities. This comprehensive approach enriches recreation, fosters community cohesion, and encourages social interaction. By catering to the specific needs of residents, including the provision of sports amenities, the project not only fulfills practical requirements but also nurtures a sense of belonging and vitality within the neighborhood.

Report Content

first exercise was case studies to understand nature based design solutions

Analysing how social and ecologoical spaces work

Analysing how social and ecologoical spaces work

site documentation

site documentation

Process of macro scale ideation and layers

first fraft of macro scale

section at macro scale

Zoomen in meso plan with illustration

Meso section