Praharsh Zaveri


Cultural Resilience Eco-Urbanism

"Cultural Resilience Eco-Urbanism" encompasses an innovative urban planning philosophy that intertwines the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage with ecological sustainability, shaping resilient communities. It's a multifaceted approach addressing the intricate relationship between culture and the environment. Cultural Resilience underscores the significance of nurturing community traditions, values, and customs amid rapid urbanization and globalization. It emphasizes fostering social cohesion and well-being by honoring cultural diversity. Eco-urbanism integrates green infrastructure, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable practices into urban landscapes, prioritizing environmental health and resilience. This holistic approach aims to forge harmonious urban spaces where cultural identities thrive alongside thriving ecosystems, creating a sustainable and resilient urban future.

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Report Content

Case Studies to understand the ecological and sustainable approach .

Site Overview:

Site Analysis

Process Drawings:

Process Drawings:

1st Masterplan

Final Masterplan

Meso plan (Part Plan) with typical cross sections which caters food and entertainment to connect with other spaces.


Human Eyed views to understand the space and life of that area.