Qureshi Maahin Mohammed Irfan


EcoVista : Balancing Nature and Urbanity

Set against a rural setting, this concept effortlessly mixes urban utilities with natural landscapes, aiming for sustainable development amidst changing urban dynamics. It focuses on community well-being and environmental preservation by introducing areas such as a children’s playground and a community gallery plaza, which anchor the region’s fabric. Encircling the lake, walking and bike pathways encourage outdoor enjoyment, symbolising the region’s regeneration. Prioritising habitats for local flora and animals using buffers and biofiltration ponds promotes ecosystem health. It fosters a sense of unity and belonging by allowing for seamless integration with impending urban projects. Strong social relationships are formed via shared experiences and communal engagement, resulting in an inclusive urban fabric that values both nature and progress. Finally, it harmoniously integrates human activities and natural systems, encouraging sustainable living and collective well-being amidst urban evolution.

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Report Content

Initial Exercises that helped to understand the ecology of social spaces and its layers

Case Study- Qunli Stormwater Wetland Park, China

Site Documentation of Jaspur, Ahmedabad focusing on the existing water levels, ground and water movement.

Design Envisioning of the masterplan and the overall site on a larger scale

Design Development of the Masterplan

Final Masterplan and Layers

Meso Scale Plan and design interventions

Meso Scale Sections

Micro Scale Details