Niranjan Umesh Londhe


Green Grey - The Camp

Revitalized Jaspur Lake edge offers respite from the hectic life as a getaway. Accessible to different kinds of enthusiasts to perform guided and free roam activities around the water body. The project provides an integrated water cleansing system over which a layer of activities like camping, cycling, jungle trails and experiential walks is engaged. This part of the lake edge is called The Camp. Overflow zones are integrated in the design to avoid flooding; this also gives seasonal appearance to the area. The camp utilizes the striking contrast between foliage and concrete to create a stimulating landscape. A play with columns and walls to create spaces and pause points with porous connections with each other. The idea details permeability of the surface by retaining the natural edges and surfaces of the space; and to maintain a free roam character of the park operating simultaneously with the guided circulation. 

Report Content

Initial exercises to understand existing projects and the relationship of ecology to urban context

Introduction to the Site | Jaspur Lake

Introduction of the site, Jaspur Lake with envisioned programs and characters of the spaces | Masterplanning I

Character ideation with First draft Masterplan | Masterplanning II

Final Masterplan with all the necessary layers of information | Masterplanning III

Zone division plan | Overlapped with a layer of function and program

Meso Zone plans | Detailed out design of smaller areas chosen from the zone division plan

Meso Zone sections | Scaled sections showing character and details of the space

Micro Level Details of the Project