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Anambanu Pathan


Jaspur Lake Eco-Plaza: Reviving the Local Economy

This project envisions a vibrant public space around Jaspur Lake, fostering economic opportunities and recreational activities. The design incorporates an entrance plaza with pavilions and viewing decks overlooking the lake. A daily market accessible from the road allows local farmers to sell fresh produce, promoting economic activity while maintaining a clear separation from the lake to prevent pollution. A multi-purpose building with public restrooms and workshops on the upper floors provides a platform for local artisans to conduct workshops, showcase their crafts, and serve as an exhibition space. The sloped design ensures proper water flow towards the lake. This project promotes ecological balance, economic generation, and community interaction, creating a harmonious space for Jaspur residents and visitors. 

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Report Content

Case study (campus and victoria garden)

Case study (East kolkata wetlands)

Site documentation

Masterplan process layers

Masterplan conceptual section (process)

Macro scale vision and diagrams

Final masterplan, section and layers

Meso plan and section

Micro scale details

Micro and meso views and process