Khushi Dhaval Mehta


KALRAV : Echoes Through Experience

The project KALRAV : Echoes Through Experience aims to create a transformative urban oasis within a thriving green environment, offering opportunities for exploration and relaxation to the residents of Jaspur Gamtal and the broader city. Recognizing the rapid pace of urbanization and its associated challenges, such as resource depletion and habitat disturbance, the project seeks to harmonize urban development with ecological principles. By seamlessly integrating natural elements into the urban fabric, the project endeavors to establish a harmonious coexistence between the built environment and nature. This approach not only contributes to environmental preservation but also fosters the creation of exceptional spaces that enable city dwellers to find respite, engage in recreational activities, and forge a renewed connection with the natural world. The project's design principles prioritize sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and the enhancement of urban livability, ultimately aiming to establish a model for ecologically conscious urban development.

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To gain a comprehensive understanding of ecology and ecosystems, we undertook a case study and site visit. This hands-on approach allowed us to observe and experience firsthand the intricate workings of a natural ecosystem we got to know about diverse flora and fauna, including soil composition, water sources, sunlight exposure, and climatic conditions, and their influence on the ecosystem.

During the site visit, we gained valuable insights into the water management practices in the area. We discovered that the wastewater treatment plant in the vicinity is releasing treated greywater into a nearby lake. Furthermore, the lack of proper sewage management in the nearby settlements has exacerbated the issue, as they continue to dump untreated sewage directly into the lake. This situation has led to a gradual degradation of the water quality and ecological health of the lake ecosystem.

The goal is to transform the polluted lake into a vibrant social space that raises awareness about water biofiltration while providing a place for people to explore and relax. By implementing proper ecological restoration, the site aims to become a center for ecological education and social engagement.

schematic sections to get the envisioned vibrant social space

The master plan envisions the transformation of the polluted lake into a vibrant eco-park and community space. Key features include- Boardwalks and Trails, Educational Zones, Amphitheaters, picnic areas, and playgrounds that foster social interaction and recreational activities. Strategically planted native species create natural habitats, provide shade, and enhance biodiversity.

proposed project : KALRAV : Echoes Through Experience

The project offers a multifunctional space where people can engage in various activities and community events while being surrounded by nature. café that provides a serene and rejuvenating experience amidst the natural surroundings of the eco-park. the cafe includes- Jogging and Walking Trails, Community Gathering Spaces, Recreational Zones, and Educational Exhibits. The café seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, offering Verdant canopy where visitors can enjoy refreshments while appreciating the beauty of the revitalized lake and native vegetation.

micro-scale plan, providing details on the various elements and features within the kalrav project

The pathways in between the trees give the character of Verdant canopy.

The Bridge offers a glimpse into a thriving bird habitat, alive with the melodious calls (kalrav) of its presence.