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Shradha Sharma


NATURE'S CANVAS: A Place for Exploration and Connection

The project aims to propose a public space that brings people close to nature, encouraging interaction with the water body and the flora and fauna. Three different categories of spaces are explored to understand the character and experience best suited for its purpose. Three zones: the entrance zone, the exploratory garden area and the children’s play area are designed and explored such that it caters to the need of the people and offers them interesting experiences in terms of scale and proportions. For example, there is an attempt at exploring different scales of sitting spaces that create both intimate as well as gathering spaces, maybe for an individual or a group of people.

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Report Content

The first set of exercises that introduced the ecological layer to us. The worked out ground details in the drawings help create a base for strategies used in the main project

Studying and documenting an existing project in Hainan Island, China that exhibits the qualities of ecosystem that benefits the environment

Site Documentation: Jaspur lake, Ahmedabad. Documentation of urban context, ground and water flow pattern, Urban Water infrastructure and flora and fauna were done in this exercise.

Macro Level Vision, Goals and Strategies, Benefits after Implementation

Design Development: Masterplan

Masterplan and Meso Scale Final Design Development Process

Final Masterplan and Section

Final Meso Scale Plan and Strategy Diagrams

Final Meso Scale Sections

Micro Scale Details and Views