Malay Mayank Mishra


Project Chhavi: A Social Edge Conundrum

The proposed project, named ‘Chhavi’ translates to the English word ‘Reflection’ encapsulating its essence. It is designed around the concept of Responding To Context, offering insight into the lives of Jaspur’s residents by providing a Space For Skill Sharing & Leisure Activities on the Lake front. Tailored to meet the community’s needs, the project also contributes to the broader Urban Oasis initiative, benefiting residents from neighboring cities such as Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. This area stands out as a social focal point amidst its surroundings, offering Inclusivity For People Of All Backgrounds.   

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Victoria Garden Case study & Campus Documentation - To understand the scale and experiences public spaces offer

Documentation of Jaspur lake - the layer of water analysis of site through contour mapping and on ground analysis

Defining a Vision as a larger narrative

Ideation and Strategies to draft a proposal for a masterplan


Meso-scale ideation process

Design Decisions and Strategies

Meso-scale plan and Section

Micro Scale Details

Views and Visual Narrative