Aastha Jha


Serene Symphonies

The vision for the project is to create an intricate dance between leisure and nature, a harmonious symphony of design and environment. The project ensures that the ecological systems are kept intact while the design blends into the existing systems. Using natural elements such as gentle mounds with cozy seating nooks, and trees used as guiding elements, every element is designed to ensure that every corner, every edge seamlessly merges with the water’s edge. All the areas nestled within the landscape offer not just a place to sit, but a chance to pause, reflect, and connect with the natural world. Here, amidst the harmonious blend of nature and leisure, one finds solace, a momentary escape from the chaos of the world

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Case studies

Site Analysis

Quadrant Study

Masterplanning process

Final Masterplan and Layers

Meso Scale design

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Overall View

Micro scale details

Views from physical model