Tanvi Garg


Elements of Urban Deisgn | Semester 02

The urban design studio analyzed the Chandni Chowk redevelopment project, then studied Laugaveur street in Reykjavik for its diverse activities. Next, they examined urban blocks on Manhattan's upper west side, known for its functional street network and varied experiences. Finally, they focused on designing public spaces in Ahmedabad, selecting Vastrapur Lake Street and Law Garden Street for their significance as large market spaces and potential for urban intervention.

Report Content

Laugavegur, Understanding Building relation with streets

Laugavegur, exploring urban elements in the street

Manhattan, Analyzing the block

Manhattan, Looking at different widths of streets and open spaces

Visualizing spaces in Manhattan

Street Design , Understanding the context

Street Design , Understanding the context and ideating

Proposed Masterplan of Vastrapur and Law garden

Vastrapur part plans

Law garden part plans