Bhawesh Pandey


Elements of Urban Design | Spring Semester

The portfolio displays the process of the studio “Elements of Urban Design” which have the structured starting with the analysis and understanding of an existing street. Another study of a street is made with its representation and analysis part. Having the elements of the street understood, the portfolio continues with the analysis and representation of an international urban block (public spaces). Having understood the projects of different scales, the portfolio consists of our design of a public space.

Report Content

Module 1 | Heritage in India: A way to re-imagine lost lives

Experiences and solutions

Module 2a | Street and Building types: Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Mumbai

Module 2b | Urban block: Am Hof, Vienna, Austria

Urban spaces: Public spaces, landmarks and interaction

Module 3 | Thaltej lakefront, Ahmedabad: Vision

Site context, analysis, issues and challenges

Proposal: Route modification, market relocation

Lakefront edges and Street edges connection

Park: Landscape details and lake edges