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Yajan Amulbhai Bhatt


Understanding street activities and function -Spring2024

This portfolio includes Yajan Bhatt’s (PUD23439) academic work from the Spring Semester 2024. These are summaries of work produced in three exercises for the Elements of Urban Design Studio. Mainly focusing informality on streets and the impact of the surrounding environment.

Report Content

Understanding the context and built environment of C.G. Road

Understanding impact of building type on street activity

Representing Building and its edge condition

Categorizing Spaces of Urban Block

Understanding different characteristics of public spaces

Evaluating street activity of all kind of public spaces

Analyzing the biggest street market of western Ahmedabad

Redesigning Law garden street according to the needs of pedestrians and vendors

Representing activities and relation of all stakeholders

Making a modular design for widest and longest road of Ahmedabad ( 132 Feet Ring Road)