Makdani Aishwarya Madhu


Ahmedabad 2041 : Towards a "Resilient City"

The objective of the Development Plan Studio is to design and understand the fundamental concepts of a development plan and its supporting framework through primary and secondary research. As the studio progressed, the focus shifted towards creating a comprehensive development plan that integrates key sectors like land use, transportation, infrastructure, housing, economy, and environment. This process also entails assessing cost estimates, identifying funding sources, and establishing a monitoring system to ensure the successful implementation of the plan. To envision Ahmedabad as a resilient city, the idea was to incorporate the principles of Resilience, emphasizing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy, efficient Last-Mile Connectivity, and a Robust Public Transport Network. By prioritizing these elements, Ahmedabad can become a resilient, sustainable city that fosters long-term growth and adaptability.

Report Content

Understanding Development Plan & Transect Stretch Analysis

A Glimpse into Ahmedabad: City Outline and Existing Situation

Spatial Mapping : SIO's, Land Potentiality & Boundary Re-delineation

Concept, Vision, Principles & Proposed Green - Blue Network

Proposed Road Network, Road Sections & Addressing Street Informality

Proposed Street Character & Public Transportation

Proposed Zoning

Development Control Regulations & Housing Proposal

Economic, Heritage, Infrastructure Proposal and Costing

Phasing & Key Learnings