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  • Ahmedabad as livable city ensuring equal access to all.

Prince Prafulchandra Patel


Ahmedabad as livable city ensuring equal access to all.

The studio focuses on crafting resilient and flexible development plan proposals that align with specific urban visions. These proposals span multiple sectors, including land use, infrastructure, transportation, housing, and environmental considerations. The process used in the studio is iterative, starting with a review and analysis of existing development plans. This is followed by an examination of current trends and patterns, which then inform the drafting of proposals. The methodology initiates with an exploration of the development or master plans of various cities, proceeding to a detailed analysis of various sectors in Ahmedabad, which then guides the development of targeted proposals and interventions.

Report Content

Understanding Bharuch-Ankleshwar development plan(2014-2032)

Existing situation analysis and SIOs

Land use comparison: 2012 Vs 2021 and boundary delineation:2041

Population estimation and concept, vision and objectives

Final zoning and development control regulations

Road network proposals

Infrastructure proposals and green and blue proposals

Housing proposals

Phasing, costing and revenue generation

Key learnings