Panchal Hessa Kartik


Ahmedabad Development Plan 2041

The aim of Ahmedabad Development Plan 2041was transforming Ahmedabad into an inclusive, vibrant and resilient city. it emphasised on important sectors like industries, sports, services and tourism. it focuses inclusion across social , spatial and economic dimensions. significant connectivity-enhancing transit improvements, affordable housing solutions etc. it preserves cultural heritage and improves green places while fostering economic growth through targeted incentives and infrastructural upgrades. overall, the plan seeks to foster economic vitality and making Ahmedabad as a business hub.

Report Content

Comprehensive Development Plan 2021 (Second Revised)

Existing Situation Analysis and Strength, Issues, Opportunities

Guiding Principle, Vision, Objective and Boundary Re-Delineation

Development Suitability, Population Estimation and Comparing Built-Unbuilt

Road Network and Transportation


Planning and Preserving Ahmedabad's World Heritage

Infrastructure and Green-Blue Network

Costing-Phasing-Revenue Generation

Comparative analysis, Conclusion and Key Learnings