Shah Foram Pankaj Nisha


Ahmedabad DP 2041: Envisioning a livable city

 The Ahmedabad Development Plan 2041 aims to shape the city into a livable and equitable urban space through liberal zoning, improved mobility, and enhanced blue and green networks. The plan focuses on improving road safety, sustainable transport, public transit expansion, and green space development. It also promotes climate resilience, mixed-use development through flexible zoning, and transit-oriented zones to enhance pedestrian access. Financial incentives are offered to foster mixed-income housing and citywide affordability. The planning process involved iterative case studies, analysis, and stakeholder consultations, culminating in a development plan that anticipates significant urban growth by 2041.

Report Content

Case Study of Mira - Bhayandar Development Plan 2037

Understanding Ahmedabad city and its regional context

Existing Situation Analysis

Envisioning Ahmedabad as a livable city

Mobility in Ahmedabad: Road network & Public Transport

Sustainable Ahmedabad: Green & Blue Network

Economy & Housing

Zoning and DCR's

Future of the DP: Phasing & Costing

Conclusion & Key learnings