Rama Sachin Pawaskar


Ahmedabad DP 2041 - Resillient Ahmedabad

 "To envision Ahmedabad as a resilient city that fosters an inclusive and sustainable economy, boasts an efficient last-mile connectivity transport network, and provides robust infrastructure."
 Description for the Development Plan (DP):"The Development Plan for Ahmedabad, designed for the horizon year of 2041, is built upon a vision of creating a resilient city. Through meticulous study and analysis, a plan has been crafted that not only addresses the city's current challenges but also anticipates and prepares for its future needs. Focus areas include zoning, road networks, regulations, special projects, costs, funding, and phasing strategies. Collaboration with experts and engagement with stakeholders have ensured that the plan is comprehensive, adaptable, and aligned with the goal of fostering an inclusive and sustainable economy. Central to the vision is the establishment of an efficient last-mile connectivity transport network and the development of robust infrastructure that will support Ahmedabad's growth and resilience in the years to come."

Report Content

Case study of Shimla 2041

Existing Situation Analysis

Existing Situation Analysis

SIO's, Population Estimation and Boundary re-delineation

Vision for the Development Plan

Proposals for DP 2041

Zoning proposal for DP 2041

Visualization of the DCR

Heritage And Infrastructure Proposals

Implementation, Costing and Learning