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Potphode Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar Anjali


Envisioning a Livable Ahmedabad - Development Plan 2041

Ahmedabad, ranked fifth in Gujarat and a financial hub, boasts multiple water bodies, notably the Sabarmati Riverfront. However, rapid urbanization driven by projects like the DFC corridor, HSR, and the redevelopment of Sabarmati Ashram, alongside the 2036 Olympics, threatens its existing blue and green infrastructure. Challenges include unutilized FSI and unaffordable housing within municipal limits. The proposals aim to address these by incentivizing developers to create affordable housing for low-income groups, while also improving public transportation networks for easier access to job centers. Strengthening the city's blue and green infrastructure will foster a healthier and more livable Ahmedabad.

Report Content

Understanding the Development Plan - the case of Ludhiana city

City Overview and Regional context of Ahmedabad

Existing Land-use, Built-up along with Transect study

SIOs of Ahmedabad and Development Potentiality with Suitability

Envisioning Livable Ahmedabad and laying objectives to achieve it

Ahmedabad - Reimagined as a Lake city

Strengthening Mobility options and preserving the Heritage character of Ahmedabad

Making Ahmedabad Affordable - through incentivisng Developers

Economic proposals, Phasing and Implementation of Development plan

Key Learnings from the Development studio