Renuka Gopalakrishnan


Resilient Ahmedabad- Development Plan 2041

The Development Plan or the DP studio, allows students to study and explore different approaches of planning, zoning and regulations to prepare a robust yet adaptable plan that is holistic and integrates diverse sectors meaningfully. This studio focuses on understanding the framework and mechanism of a Development Plan by studying the AUDA area. The vision is to develop Ahmedabad as resilient city. The study was carried out through studio exercises and a set of four iterations. City- wide existing situation analysis (ESA) was done through primary and secondary research on various sectors i.e., transport, land use, infrastructure, economy, housing, and demography in a large group of 12 students. Based on the ESA, the group consisting of 4 students crafted vision and principles to guide the future DP preparation, maps and proposals. From the base prepared, detailed proposals were designed for green and blue network, road network, zoning and associated DCRs, housing as well as plan for heritage conservation. We have also estimated the infrastructure requirements. Finally, an implementation strategy considering costing details, revenue generation sources have been mapped and phasing of the DP through TPs and LAPs.  

Report Content

Understanding the existing situation of Ahmedabad

Mapping the strengths, issues and opportunities

Defining the new boundary- analysing potentiality and estimating population for horizon year

Developing concept, setting vision and principles

Green and Blue Network details

Laying the road network and proposing new street sections

Zoning details, HSR Special Project

DCRs and proposal for housing and heritage sector

Infrastructure estimation, costing and phasing

Conclusion, Key Takeaways and learnings