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Manav Suresh Patel


Understanding and Making of Development Plan - Ahmedabad

 During the development planning studio, we learned how to make plans for Ahmedabad step by step. We began with a map and studied what's happening there now. We talked to people involved and looked at past projects to agree on what we want to achieve and how. We were careful in making choices, thinking about different ways to develop and the rules about what can be built where. We made sure our plans matched what's really going on and understood how things are connected. Our final plan brought together ideas, rules, steps to make it happen, how much it might cost, and where the money could come from. Plus, we got better at explaining our ideas clearly and convincingly to the city's planners

Report Content

Understanding the Development Plan

Analysis of the Existing Ahmedabad

Various Sectors of Ahmedabad and Comparing the Built Unbuilt Situation of 4 Cities

Concept, Principles and Case Studies for Proposals

Estimation of Population and Floor with Suitability and Potentiality of Ahmedabad

Proposals of Green and Blue along with Road and Transport

Zoning Proposals

Finals Zoning and Housing and Heritage Proposals

Infrastructural Proposals and Implementation Process with Costing