Pranav A


Elements of Urban Design | Semester 2

The studio explored various types of urban settings, such as blocks, streets, and open spaces. Each presented unique opportunities of  research study results, and representation with a unique vision that was modified to complement the urban environment in which it was located. The final placemaking projects in Ahmedabad is an attempt to address the urban issues of the cities . It starts by trying to identify the urban issues that are related to our Indian cities and subsequently investigates these urban spaces and its surroundings to develop various strategies culminating to a context based urban design intervention.

Report Content

What is your city talking about? ( A case of art boulevard near metro station in Bengaluru)

Understanding & Representation of Urban built typologies of Park Avenue Street, New York city

Understanding & Representation of Public realm on a high rise street , Park Avenue street, New York city

Understanding & Representation of Urban Block of Centrum, Amsterdam through the lens of formal and informal flow of spaces through streets

Understanding & Representation of Urban open spaces at street junctions and monuments at the Urban Block Centrum, Amsterdam

The design intent, The Site, Vision and Strategies

Proposed Strategic Masterplan and detailed design proposal at Masterplan stage

Detailed proposal plans of Street Junctions and under flyover area

Detailed proposal plans of commercial and residential street edges

Proposed views