Inchara D S


Elements of Urban Design

The studio delved into diverse scale of urban environment including streets, public areas, and city blocks, each offering unique opportunities for study, analyzing and representation. Each project possessed a unique vision crafted to suit the specific urban landscape it inhabited, offering a comprehensive understanding of its surroundings and a thoughtful depiction of the same. The portfolio endeavors to address the inherent urban challenges prevalent in Indian cities, exploring street and block analyses on an international scale before culminating in two placemaking ventures in Ahmedabad, aimed at addressing urban issues through contextually tailored design interventions.

Report Content

What is your city talking about? A case of Sankey Tank, Bengaluru

Study and Representation of Streets and Building Types : JM Road, Pune

View of JM Road, Pune

Urban blocks and Open spaces : El Tahrir, Cairo

Analysis of El Tahrir block on the parameters of pedestrian safety and comfort

Reimagining Urban Voids : Design of under flyover space in Shreyas Tekra

Proposed master plan

Junction design

Placemaking in the under flyover space

View of the proposed design to facilitate existing activities