Danish Sikkander Pt


Elements of Urban Design Studio - Semester 02

The studio delves into four unique urban projects, each offering a nuanced exploration of urban dynamics and design interventions. From the vibrant streets surrounding iconic landmarks to the tranquil pathways circling lakes, each project encapsulates the essence of its urban context. By examining issues such as traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and the integration of vending activities, the portfolio provides insights into the complexities of urban environments. With a focus on clarity and concise representation, these projects aim to showcase the multifaceted nature of urban design and the importance of context-driven solutions.

Report Content

Poster for Urban Transformation

Analysis and Representing Street - Istiklal, Istanbul

Analysis and Representing Urban Block - Charminar, Hyderabad

Analysis and Representing Urban Block - Charminar, Hyderabad

Elements of Urban Design - Lens, Location

Elements of Urban Design - Analysis, Vision and Strategies

Part Plan 1 - Details

Part Plan 2 - Details

Material and Other Details