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Sanjoli Kumawat


A Vision for a Compact, Sustainable and Connected City

The studio's objective is to impart a structured methodology to develop a Statutory Development Plan using diverse planning strategies. Our firsthand experience in Rajkot, as the Industrial City, mirrored this approach. The studio facilitated an environment conducive to pushing boundaries of conventional thinking. The iterative learning process segmented the development plan creation into four distinct phases: initial analysis of the existing situation, drafting the first plan iteration, proposing infrastructure enhancements, and outlining cost-effective implementation strategies. In the initial analysis phase, various proposals were explored to integrate land use, transportation, infrastructure, housing, and economic factors. The vision for the Rajkot 2041 development plan entails the transformation of the city into a more compact and sustainable urban center, achieved through initiatives like sustainable water management, promotion of economic diversification, and the establishment of an efficient street network and public transportation system.      

Report Content

Case Study of Jodhpur Master Development Plan - 2031

Existing Situation Analysis : Rajkot

Strengths, Issues, Opportunities and Development Potentiality

Transforming Rajkot : A Vision for a Compact, Sustainable and Connected City

Road Network and Land Use Proposals

Development Control Regulations

Development Control Regulations

Special Projects

Costing, Phasing and Implementation Mechanism

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