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Nair Abhay Muralidharan


Empowering Institutions to Drive Economic Expansion

Rajkot 2041 is a visionary project harmonizing institutional growth, industrial expansion, and eco-protection. It aims to elevate the city by fostering world-class educational and healthcare institutions while promoting diverse industries. Through sustainable urbanization practices and eco-sensitive zone preservation, it ensures minimal environmental impact. The project's integrated development zones, innovation hubs, and green infrastructure strategies pave the way for economic prosperity, environmental conservation, and social inclusivity. Rajkot 2041 envisions a vibrant, resilient cityscape, showcasing responsible growth, innovation, and global leadership in sustainable urban development.

Report Content

Understanding the master plan of Manchester.

Existing situation analysis and SIO.

Development potential Land and population estimate,Boundry delineation Population estimates

Concept Development

Road Network


3-D Visualization

Green and Blue Network

Housing,Infrastructure' Special Proposal,Coasting, Revenue

Key Learnings