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Rudra Samir Dhaduk


Rajkot 2041: A Compact, Sustainable, & Eco-Diverse City.

The Development Plan studio in Indian cities delves into macro-level urban planning through case studies and thorough analyses of city development plans. It assesses current conditions, connectivity, market demands, environmental factors, land use, and housing. With site visits, stakeholder consultations, and iterative processes, it focuses on one city among four, proposing a Development Plan after three iterations. The studio aims to holistically understand various elements influencing Development Plans, addressing identified issues and challenges. Proposed plans are presented to local authorities, fostering comprehensive urban planning approaches for sustainable city development.

Report Content

Understanding Development Plan

Existing Situation Analysis for Rajkot

SIO, its key takeaways, and Development Potential Map

Population estimates & boundary delineation

Road Networks & Public Transportation

Land Use & Zoning

Development Regulations & TDR Policy

Final Zoning & Visualization

Green & Blue Networks, Infrastructure, & Costing & Revenue Generation

DP Phasing & Key Learnings