Aryana Malav


Rajkot Development Plan - 2041

Rajkot is located centrally in the Saurashtra region of the state, is a rapidly growing and compact city. The major issue of this city is that, it needs to identify potential water sources. Its economy is predominantly driven by industry. Majorly on a particular type of industry, this is not sustainable. The concept encompasses the holistic approach of balancing economic diversity, conserving ecologically sensitive areas, enhancing green-blue infrastructure, extending public transportation networks to industrial zones, and preserving the heritage character of the core city while expanding recreational areas.

Report Content

Understanding Development Plan & Implementation on Ground

Existing Situation Analysis

Concept, Population Estimation & Boundary Delineation

Road Network & Connectivity

Zoning & Landuse

Development Control Regulations

Infrastructure Proposals and Green & Blue Network

Housing Proposals, Special Projects & Cost Estimation

Revenue Generation & Phasing

Key Learnings