Tanya Kaushik


Rajkot Revival: Balancing Industries and Ecology

The Development Plan studio provided comprehensive training in formulating statutory Development Plans for large urban areas like Rajkot. It introduced an iterative planning process, starting with conceptual designs based on thorough analysis and stakeholder consultations. Through subsequent iterations, we delved deeper into historical planning, emerging trends, and consensus-building for the plan's vision and methodology. The studio exposed us to diverse planning approaches, zoning regulations, and linkage concepts, fostering a deliberate selection of our preferred approach. It culminated in synthesizing proposals, drafting regulations, delineating implementation boundaries, estimating costs, and identifying funding sources. Additionally, it honed our skills in delivering concise, well-justified presentations tailored for Rajkot's development authorities and planners.

Report Content

Understanding the Masterplan of Chandigarh

Existing Situation Analysis of Rajkot

Strengths, Issues, and Opportunities derived from the ESA

Concept Development

Concept, Vision and Objectives

Conceptual Zoning and Proposed Road Network

Proposed Zoning and DCR

Overlay Zones and Housing Proposals

Green-Blue Proposals and Infrastructure Proposals with Costing and Implementation

Key Learnings from the Studio