Makadia Bhargav Kiritkumar


RAJKOT's sustainability initative

Rajkot, nestled in Gujarat's vibrant Saurashtra region, is a bustling city crucial for commerce and industry. While the Rajkot Municipal Corporation area sees rapid demographic growth, Rajkot Urban Development Authority experiences a slower pace. The city grapples with challenges like a single-industry economy, water scarcity, encroachment in ecological areas, and uneven development. This project aims to strengthen Rajkot's economy across multiple sectors by establishing institution zones and fostering collaboration between institutions and industries. Special attention is given to addressing water scarcity through targeted projects. Additionally, the project emphasizes creating eco-sensitive zones through thoughtful city zoning and promoting renewable energy initiatives.

Report Content

Understanding the Master Plan -PATNA

Existing Situation Analysis

Estimations and CONCEPT!!!

Which APPROACH used and why?

Road Network proposals and road-section

Zoning and DCR

Zoning distribution and Housing & Infrastructure Need

Making city liveable by the colour of green

Special projects, Costing and phasing

Revenue Generation and KEY LEARNING!