Vimala Sakshi Gangu


Revamping Rajkot Where Industry Meets climate

Rajkot rooted in a princely past, burgeoned into a vital commercial hub under British colonial rule. Post-independence, urbanization, industrialization reshaped its landscape, presenting new challenges like pollution and congestion. Today, Rajkot stands at a pivotal juncture, recognizing the imperative for sustainable development. The Rajkot 2041 proposal embodies this vision, aiming to harmonize industry, climate resilience, and mobility. By leveraging green technologies and prioritizing eco-friendly transportation, the plan seeks to propel Rajkot towards a prosperous and sustainable future. It represents a strategic endeavor to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship, ensuring that Rajkot continues to thrive as a dynamic urban center.

Report Content

Understanding the Master Plan of Visakhapatnam

Existing Situation & Sanctioned DP Analysis

Analyzing the Strengths, Issues and Opportunities

Projecting the Estimates

Proposed Road Network & Overview of Zoning

Volumetric Comparison of Development Plans

Green & Blue Proposals

Project Proposals - Housing & Infrastructure

Special Projects, Cost Estimation & Phasing

Essential learnings from the studio