Ananaya Pathak


Unveiling the Eco-Econ-Epoch :Rajkot

Our Rajkot journey in urban planning was a voyage through complexity. We embraced adaptability, navigating the twists of stakeholder dynamics and regulations. Each step, a lesson in versatility, as we iterated, refining strategies rooted in form-based development. Analyzing costs and benefits illuminated our path, fostering collaborative problem-solving. In the end, we arrived at a destination where community needs and practicality converged, sculpting municipal plans that resonate with realism and sustainable progress.

Report Content

Case Study for Gurugram Master Plan 2031

Existing Situation Analysis : Introduction

Existing Situation Analysis : Current Scenario and Strengths, Issues and opportunities

Building an Ecologically Sensitive, Economically Resilient and Epochal Development

Boundary Delineation and Population Estimation

Road Network

Development Control Regulations

Development Control Regulations : Character And Costing