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Shweta Pal


Urban Planning Unveiled: Rajkot's Development Journey

The journey of urban planning in Rajkot traversed through iterative stages, from studying master plans globally to crafting a bespoke development plan for the city. Our analysis began with understanding Rajkot's present state through site visits and research. Iterations refined our vision, emphasizing sustainability, economic diversity, and robust infrastructure. Through meticulous zoning and detailed proposals, Rajkot's potential was harnessed, envisioning a compact city with sustainable water management, vibrant economic zones, and efficient transport networks. This holistic approach aimed at transforming Rajkot into a model city, echoing its strengths while addressing critical challenges.

Report Content

Case Study of Draft Master Plan for Greater Noida, 2041

Existing Situation Analysis of Rajkot

SIO, Suitability and Potentiality

Vision, Objective and Population Estimate

Boundary Delineation, Road and Public Transport Network

Zoning and Development Control Regulation

Green, Blue zone and Infrastructure Proposals

Special Projects

Costing, Revenue and Phasing

Key Learnings