Aishwarya Rishitha Nagireddy



The Project BEYOND CONFORMITY  reimagines urban design by integrating a pedestrian-centric movement spine, vibrant mixed-use spaces, and varied massing to foster inclusive communities. Inspired by theoretical insights from Schulz, Lefebvre, Lynch, Jacobs, and Whyte, it prioritizes human experiences, social interaction, and connectivity. The design gracefully transitions from the periphery to the center, creating a human-scale environment conducive to community engagement. Disintegrated clusters accommodate diverse activities at multiple levels, fostering vertical connectivity and overlooking a central atrium space. This visionary approach celebrates the richness of human life, and promising environments that nurture belonging, connection, and flourishing for generations to come.      

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Report Content

Existing site conditions Vijaynagar, Ahmedabad

Mapping Physical Attributes Of The Site

Mapping Stake Holder Activity / Behaviour Patterns [ KIDS ]

Inferences Drawn From Analyzing Behavioural Patterns Based On Schulz [ Action ], Lynch [ Physcality ] and Lefebvre [ Experiential Connotations ].

Evolution Of Site Plan From Activity & Movement Patterns

Beyond Conformity : Proposed Master Plan For Vijay Nagar

Beyond Conformity : Comparisions between existing and Proposed and Site sections with Abstractions

Beyond Conformity : Proposed 3d Massing For Vijay Nagar

Beyond Conformity : Disintrgrating the Cluster

Transforming the significant activity of bird feeding into an experiential landscape, the view shows utilization of existing tree patterns, integrate bird habitats, and interweave pathways and waterbodies within one of the community spaces enveloped by the vibrant pedestrian community spine.