Nandini Dangwal



Nestled within the vibrant heart of Naranpura lies Vijaynagar, a dynamic and robust neighbourhood pulsating with the energy of everyday life. Building upon its existing vibrancy, the design proposal for the site aims to cultivate a culture of kinetic urbanism, where spaces are in a perpetual state of motion and adaptation, celebrating the fluidity of life. “The city is a dynamic, ever-evolving organism." - Rahul Mehrotra By fostering informality, movement, and overlapping activities, the project creates a network of humanized spaces where people, time, and activities can flow seamlessly. Focusing on how informal spaces provide agency for kinetic urbanism, the project establishes a flow of spaces of varying scales and functions, empowering people to occupy and celebrate the public realm. This flow, facilitated by visual and physical access, enables a robust and dynamic public life for all, regardless of age or gender. "The essence of sustainable urbanism lies in fostering diverse, inclusive, and resilient communities." - Rahul Mehrotra This holistic approach to urban design not only enhances the quality of life within the neighbourhood but also fosters a sense of collective ownership and stewardship among residents. By harnessing the principles of kinetic urbanism and celebrating the vibrancy of everyday life, the project seeks to create neighbourhoods that are vibrant ecosystems where the community thrives and flourishes.

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Site plan I Vijaynagar

Mapping I Physical Attributes

Case study I Alexandra housing estate

Analysis and Inferences I Kinetic urbanism theory

Design Process

Proposed design I Masterplan I Calculations I Abstractions

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