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Rajat Kapoor


Volumetric Utopia: A New Way of Land-E-scape

 The project aims to reconfigure an urban area to enhance daily life across different age groups using a bottom-up approach. It focuses on creating a street network with unique, irregular spaces that encourage exploration and allow for personalized spatial adjustments. The design incorporates vertical public spaces through clustered tall buildings, which connect directly to the street, facilitating the vertical movement of people and preserving important communal elements for the elderly, like trees and interaction spaces. For children, the project designs inward-looking clusters with high visual connectivity and multi-level cycling tracks that link various play areas, catering to diverse age groups. Additionally, shifting vehicle parking underground frees up 40% of street space, promoting a safer, more pedestrian-friendly environment.

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Report Content

VijayNagar - Site Documentation: Site Info, Plan, Physical Layers and Sections

Activity Patterns Observed and Documented on Site

Proposed Master Plan

Cluster: Design Development and Components

Greater Cluster Plan and Cluster Axo with Calculations

Cluster Abstraction: Open Space Creation Based on Observed and Proposed Activity Patterns

Cluster Sections: Proposed Open Space Creation Within Built Mass and Terrace Landscaping

Design Visualisation: Cycling Track with Multi-Level Play Space Connection. Ground Used as a Water Recreation Space

Upward Moving Cycling Ramp in Between Clusters Connecting Them At Various Multiple Levels

Physical Model of a Whole and Sectional Cluster