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Suhani Anil Bakkannavar


From Underpass to Oasis: Reclaiming Urban Space for Comm

From underpass to Oasis: reclaiming urban space for community joy. In modern times due to urbanisation and hustle culture people are becoming disconnected from others and are not having places to do physical activities. This project turns the dead space below underpasses to be used for community bonding as well as providing an area for people to do some kind of physical activities and rejuvenate themselves.

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Report Content

The case study of Carter Road Mumbai. It shows detailed analysis with respect to elements, street sections and mapping . This set the base for actual site ideation and site implementation.

The abive depicts detailed documentation and analysis of the actual site(Pkwan Crossroad). This analysis has been taken into account by ideatiting the final design.

The above depicts strategies, user group that were taken into account while designing the site. From the strategies and user group programs that would be useful for the site were designed.

The above shows the process of designing the site while taking various factors into account affecting the site. Whlie designing multiple itertions were created which led to the final outcome that is the design site.

The above shows the render of the transformed site as compared to the current state.

Final plan

These are sections from the following POV: 1. Skate rink 2. Obstacle course 3. Long section

Part Plans

The above isometric of the complete site along with following programs from the POV : 1. From the top of skte rink. 2. Opposite to the obstacle course from the jogging track. 3. Opposite to the open gym from the entry point.