Heer Kapadia


PAUSE - stop, eat & work

The "PAUSE- stop, eat & work" initiative aims to breathe new life into neglected urban areas beneath flyovers by cleverly repurposing a cafeteria and co-working spaces. By employing inventive design and forming partnerships with various stakeholders including businesses, residents, and visitors, our goal is to turn these overlooked spaces into lively centers of interesting activities, economic growth, and environmental care.

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Report Content

Understanding Spaces

Case Studies: Worli Connect, Mumbai and The Good Lines, Sydney

Site Documentation : Understanding the Larger Context

Site Documentation: Understanding present Activities

Design Process: Concept, Objectives, User Group. Program, Strategies and Zoning

Proposed Plan and Long Section

3d isometric visual of whole space, with eye level views stating the experience of the space

Sections and Element Detail

Part Plans and Element Detail

Models of Proposed Plan and Part Plan