Dhruvi Anand Mehta



Presenting "Tranquil Trail," a proposed project poised to transform neglected urban underpasses into serene sanctuaries tailored for residents' tranquility. By seamlessly blending lush seating, water features, and recreational areas, Tranquil Trail offers a haven for all age groups seeking solace amidst urban hustle. With thoughtful additions such as eating pods and an amphitheater, it fosters community interaction and cultural enrichment. Through collaborative efforts and innovative design, this initiative aims to redefine underpass spaces, nurturing a sense of calm and belonging for local residents. Join in envisioning a future where urban landscapes harmonize with peace, play, and community.

Report Content

Understanding Public Spaces

Case Studies: One Green Mile and Micro community park, China

Site Documentation : Understanding the Larger Context

Site Documentation : Understanding the Larger Context

Design Process: Concept, Objectives, Strategies, Programs, User Group, Functions and Expected Number of People Using it and User Study

Proposed Plan

Cross Sections and Long Section

Part Plans and Element Details


Isometric View