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Khushi Shyamlal Lalavat


URBAN NEXUS Fostering Collaboration for Renewed Vitality

The "URBAN NEXUS : Fostering Collaboration for Renewed Vitality" seeks to revitalize neglected urban spaces beneath flyovers by creatively repurposing urban waste materials, fostering community collaboration, and promoting sustainability. Through innovative design and strategic partnerships with local residents, artists, and businesses, we aim to transform these underutilized areas into vibrant hubs of cultural enrichment, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship. By celebrating local culture, integrating green infrastructure, and supporting economic growth, our project aims to inspire and empower communities, creating inclusive and sustainable urban environments that reflect the unique identity and aspirations of the people who inhabit them.

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Report Content

Understanding the public space and site impression

Case Study: Matunga Flyover Garden

Case Study: Understanding the urban elements and users of the space

Site Documentation: Understanding Larger Context

Site Documentation: Mapping of Pedestrians, vehicles and activity of existing user group

Design Process

3d visualization of whole space, with eye level views stating the experience of the space

Design Plan and Sections

Part plans and Element details